Who we Are


BTM Joinery specialize in the design, manufacturing, building and installation of cupboards. The BTM factory strive to be an industry leading force by keeping up with technology and trends. We are constantly in the process of upgrading and improving our machinery, thus ensuring that we can offer our clients competitive prices, services, and quality products.

BTM Knows Best

BTM have extensive knowledge regarding our industry. BTM office staff and installation teams are specialized and regarded as experts in their fields. BTM embraces a culture of constant professional development, and encourage any opportunity to gain additional industry knowledge. This BTM culture is an advantage to all, and it furthermore allows BTM to secure their positions as industry leaders.

Our Clients

Our client base consists of
development companies who seek to contract a joinery company who will go above and beyond to ensure that the promised product is delivered, not only in a timely manner, but above all to the clients satisfaction. We also take on specialized private work for the client who needs extra attention to design detail, superior advice and a delightful design and installation experience.